2003 V6 Prado


A couple weeks ago my wife moved back to Brisbane to care for her parents, so we drove down in my Falcon, and I drove back with our replacement 4wd.

Has around 380k on the clock (about what the 90 series had when it got killed), and is in pretty stock form. I can see they had a uhf that's been removed, and looks like formerly had roofracks too. Still had the factory stereo (which unfortunately didn't have a working cd player, so it was 2 days of radio national for the drive home) there's also a redarc isolator but I can't find it attaching to anything other than the main battery.

I was pulling a trailer back, and got around 18l/100km. I expect better without the trailer (it added about 5l/100 to the falcon)

It's so quiet. Everything rattled in the 90 series.

It's a very smooth drive. I enjoyed driving the 1kz, but this feels almost like driving my old Corolla. And far more power than the 1kz.

The kms, but you get that with a low budget.

It's manual. Which is fine. But would have preferred an auto, i get lazier as I get older. But at least I don't live in the city. And it sure could use one extra gear on the highway.

It looks like every other prado. The 90 series had more character.

Take it to the mechanics for a big service and a check for anything that needs fixing.
Put gear in it we had in the 90.
Yesterday I put the Sony headunit in, so have android auto now. (Broke the plastic fascia around the air vents, but have replacements coming)
Need to get a new antennae then I can reinstall the uhf.
I planned to put tiedown rails in the back for fridge and gear, so still need to do that.

Mods I want:
There's a bit more out there for the 120, which is nice.
Cargo barrier above the second row seats
Rear door drop down table
12v and solar
Awning, but probably not until we're travelling a lot more.

I feel the lack of roof rack is one reason it's so quiet, but we made good use of the last one. I'll go for something more streamline given we'll be adding it and not using what it came with.