2003 Toyota Hilux 3.4L V6 VZN167R - Stainless Steel Snorkel?


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Hi all,

I have recently bought a 2003 Toyota Hilux 3.4L V6 VZN167R and I have been looking into buying a stainless steel snorkel for my car but I cannot seem to find one for the petrol V6 version anywhere, only for the diesels on the left-hand side (I have attached an image of a stainless steel snorkel for the petrol version of my car, on someone’s single cab Hilux, and I have also attached an image of my dual cab V6 Hilux).

If someone knows where to get one for my car could you please link this, as I am trying to find one. Thanks.

I am also wondering if it is worth while building up a custom airbox for my petrol V6 version of the 2003 Hilux, just as a fun project? And whether there are any specific things I need to take into account. Thanks.


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They were the last of the jap built hiluxs. They have proper drum air cleaners and the filters on the v6 are washable. I wouldn’t be stuffing around too much with it.