2003 MK 4x4 petrol v6 mods


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Hi all…. Every one will say crazy or waste of money but have a mk 6g72 petrol v6 Was my grandfathers from new doesn’t owe me a cent and my son and I are doing it up just coz we can….l Have cash doesn’t worry me so don’t jump on here and say wasteof money blah blah blah don’t care…. Any way

I have a 3000gt left over from my race car (6g72 twin turbo) I’m dropping in it for shits and giggle but I need help with gear box and diffs

with the the standard Ute engine at 3000 rpm at 100kmh

I want to drop the revs down and strengthen every thing up in it gear box transfer case and diffs increase top end the lot but don’t know much info on them and what to do…. Any help be great thanks.