2001 Nissan Pathy rough gear select?


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Hello i am new to this forum infact this is my first post

I was wondering if anyone could help me out with a problem i'm having.

I have a 2001 nissan pathfinder st AUTO.

When i cruze along at around 70 kph it's smooth as silk but if i throttle up a bit and then let off the throttle fast i get a laggy thud a split second after i let off the throttle when the box relaxes into 3rd comming mainly from the rear :eek:, like something is not working together with the other moving parts untill thud , it starts to turn. The exact same thing happens if i cruze along and gradually increase throttle, i'm waiting for the smooth transition going up from 2nd to 3rd and then it thuds into 3rd :eek:(only on the flat light load roads), only between 2nd and 3rd gear, i was hopeing it could be only a uni joint but it happens on forward load and down hill letting off the thottle too. Any clues would be such a help, it's still under warranty but acording to them its gotta be broke before they will fix it :mad:


Welcome aboard enjoy your stay, sorry cant help with your problem, only suggest u check the transmission fluid level, CHEERS

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Sounds like you got it through a car dealership? As mentioned fluid,if that's not good the auto must have a fault,they are not meant to thud into gear ! You may need to get a written report from an auto mechanic,as it sounds faulty, even though the car can be driven.


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Hi REENMAN and welcome. It sounds like it is in the gearbox as a uni would do it all the time and not gear Dependant. Have taken it into Nissan for a computer computer check to see if the log has a error? It would be worth as the other guys have mentioned to get the fluid checked.


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If its done 200,000 plus km it might be bad news unfortunately.

Also check the color of the fluid as the radiator is known to fail allowing coolant to enter into the transmission.

If you check the fluid that may very well reveal all.




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Thanks for the advice guys,

The pathys done 146,000 klms, i sent it after this post to 4x4 outback in bayswater for a full inspection, they did notice the thud but advised me that the g-box had never been serviced and the fluid was dirty, so first to book it in for that, then go from there. This 4x4 is sort of bridging the gap between a soft roader and a offroader so i've been told even though it's dead quiet inside it will still have some jolts and knocks that i've never experienced in a car and that i should just not worry, but i still think it's something, BTW the main reason i got a pathy is i knew someone that had the following done to there R50, 2inch lift, Landy snorkle, 31inch rubber, airbags rear, custom winch setup, dual batteries, etc etc.


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What i plan to to.

Nudge bar <---- yes nudge bar, being a light 4x4 no massive bull bar tow trucking the ride, custom in-grill winch <--- i've seen it done :) 3inch lift with warn manual hubs <---pretty much has to be a manual change, over 2inch's the cv's will suffer endless at that angle, TRY! to fit a 33inch rubber, custom draws <--- building ATM, i am a cabinet maker/chippie. Safari roof rack <-- being a light 4x4 i dont want a huge trade rack ontop, Air lockers front and back <----- i know there an outlay but omg i've seen a jackaroo munch a shorty just with lockers it was so funny. The aim for now is to make it a solid tourer, the hardcore stuff can come a little later once my girlfriend does'nt freak out everytime i lock the hubs and head for the speed hump at bunnings warehouse HEHEHE.


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Yes i'm new to 4x4ing and YES i love it :) i've had it 4 weeks and been to tolangi state forest, and bigriver rd yarra ranges all ready, i was so keen, i wanted to go out the first weekend i got it but i had crappy car tyre treads on it, no one would fit tyres on at 5pm friday before the weekend, liza tyres said they could but they didn't have BFG AT's in stock, i got them couriered to there door on saturday morning and was playing around in the yarra ranges 2 hours later, HEHEHEHEHE :)