2000 Prado TX turbo diesel manual


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What mods are on the list to do?
- tinting!
- auxillary battery
- fridge in the rear. Would like a centre console fridge but the second row air con controls may prove problematic
- UHF radio
- drawers
- awning
- snorkel
- extend the 12 volt system to allow charging of cameras and laptop
- i'd like to raptor coat it but probably won't happen
So xmas saw a couple more bits for the car, and at this point we're probably done for a little while.

Tinting got done before we went away for xmas. A mobile tinter came to town. A bit more expensive than racq, but add in the fuel and time to get to Longreach for that (assuming they do it), and it was worth it.

Second battery is on hold. Turns out the relay is dead, so we'll need to make a decision. Do we replace it? Get a dcdc? (Don't think we really need one for a 90 series), or just go for some sort of battery box in the back of the car. Which will then take up space. I was keen on a Companion 75ah lithium about the size of a thermos, but I was vetoed on that.
I basically just want to be able to run the fridge constantly without worry and be able to charge up cameras and laptops.

Picked up a UHF 25% off at Autobarn and that went in over the weekend.

At this point in time drawers are off the cards, and I'm going to get some tie down rails. My plan is tie the fridge down to those, get canvas bags for all our gear, and then strap/cargo net over the top.

Awning I'm holding off on. I'll probably pick one up on sale at some point, but if I'm going to be honest I'm not too keen on trying to install it.

Snorkel may never happen. Might look into it for down the track once we have a big trip planned.

Not on the list, I got a compressor and a recovery kit, as well as maxtrax (fj cruiser blue) during the xmas sales too.

I put a new head unit in before xmas too. The android auto plays up a fair bit, and i probably wouldn't do that again. Might put in new speakers too eventually, but the sound is already heaps better.

We also got sheepskin seat covers for comfort. And a steering wheel cover! No more burning hands hopping in after work.

Next thing we're doing is smaller tyres, which will mean replacing 5 at once. Not looking forward to that expense. But at least it's done then.

We're probably pretty much done for the time being.

If we camped off grid at the moment (we got powered tent sites over xmas) I'd probably still take the esky rather than the fridge until we get a second battery and eventually solar.