2000 Prado TX turbo diesel manual


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At long last, we finally sold the wife's car and have bought our 4wd.

We didn't get as much as much for it as we'd have liked, but in the end just wanted it sold, and second hand 4wd prices have doubled in the last year, so it's a fair bit older than we were hoping, but at some point you just have to pull the trigger. We didn't see any point in waiting and hoping for prices to drop again once people can travel overseas once more (or once people can buy a new 4wd without a 6+ month wait).

I had my brother go car shopping for me because he's in Brisbane and i'm stuck here in the outback.
It's pretty much stock. It has a roof rack, bull bar and it's set up for dual battery, but doesn't have the second battery.

There's not a dent on the underside of the car, and the interior looks about as new as a 20 year old vehicle could.

The service book tells us one owner, regularly serviced at the same mechanic for it's entire life.

Looks like whoever owned it never took it off road and looked after it damn well.

Paint on the bonnet is a bit iffy of course. :D

My wife was keen on finding one already kitted out for touring and off roading, but I was more keen on having our own blank canvas rather than what someone else built, and something someone else has hammered off road.

Only pictures so far are the dealer photos, so I'm going to wait until it arrives. My brother picked it up today and the wife is heading to Brisbane on the weekend to drive it back. Meanwhile my brother is going to get his mechanic to look over it.

We want to eventually do some big trips, and this likely isn't the car we'll do that in, but it's the one that will get us started and get us exploring where we live. Can't go as far as I'd like in the Falcon.

I'm not a fan of the roof rack, it looks huge and chunky, but I don't see much point in spending money to replace it with something else.
It looks like they replaced the tyres for roadworthy, and while the spare is a BFG, it's been fitted with Kuhmo MT51s (I think by the photos), and i'm quite happy with that, although i'll probably go back to BFGs when the time comes.

I want us to drive it around and go on a few small trips to get a better idea of what we want to do to it, but at this point i'm thinking:

Second battery, solar panel and a fridge, as well as charging ports for cameras/laptops.

Awning. Considering just a cheap Kings, but I also don't want to be buying the same thing over and over again because I bought cheap rubbish. That said, it's a cheap car, how much do I want to put into it?

Drawers. Just to increase the storage. I had thought back seats down and we'd have plenty of room, but we now have a dog, so that cuts storage space.

I'd really love a centre console fridge. I like the look of the Brass Monkey one that has a QI charger and a couple usb ports, but realistically it's low on the list of priorities.

New head unit. It's still got the stock CD/cassette player, which is a nice bit of nostalgia, but I want to be able to play my music, and ideally have some sort of navigation system built into it.

Cameras! Definitely a reverse camera, but i'd love a 360 degree setup. But again, i'll probably just do a standard reverse camera.

UHF. I'll probably start with a couple handhelds, because I figure they'll still be useful once I have one installed in the vehicle, so it's less of a double purchase.

Once we start doing some bigger, more remote trips I'd like a sat phone as well as a mobile signal booster, but I see that stuff as much further down the track, and likely not on this vehicle.

We're also talking moving my Falcon on and getting a 4wd for me, maybe a ute, but that's a story for another thread.