20 - The new 4WD Cap Locker from Uneek 4x4


4x4 Earth Contributer
Guess they are marketing a 'Uneek' product. A locker that retains your lsd. While a front diff at this point would mainly be another product fighting for a space that's already competitive.
Not really. There is only ARB which I have and dislike and the elocker as far as selectable lockers go. TJM still doesnt make a locker for Dana 44s TJ. The elocker unlocks and relocks as you go from forward to reverse, which is not ideal. The ARB bearing jornal is to short ,would be so easy to fix. Shims should be under the carrier bearings but instead are outside. Basically the ARB could be made a lot better but they cant be bothered. I actually bought a TJM locker for a D44 but the pinion didnt touch the crown wheel. Seem I had bought the first one in the world and it was wrong. I had to eat humble pie and fix my ARB clutch gear which had stripped. The ARB clutch only engages by 1.5 mm. WTF. I would love to buy a Cap locker but suspect I may be waiting a long time. As TJM still hasnt made one WTF. Come on Uneek I hate my ARB with avengence. I have had my front one out 5 times in 9 years as it leaks air with insufficient carrier bearing preload.