2.8 RG 2012 Colorado Wont Start


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Hi guys,

First time here and hoping someone could help me out at all, apologies in advance if I am posting in the wrong section!
I Recently just drove my Colorado from Perth to the Kimberley's. All was smooth until I came to a corrugated road. About 10 minutes in, I got a warning on the dash saying "Oil Pressure Low". I started losing power, pulled over and the car stalled. It has since not been able to be turned on. It turns over, just doesn't fire.

A friend plugged in his scanner tool and it says "Cam position sensor too few pulses". As his 2011 Colorado just had a similar issue with a similar message, I ordered a new cam angle sensor and replaced it hoping it would fix the issue. It hasn't

Has anyone had this issue before at all and if so, would you he able to point me in the right direction for troubleshooting the issue from here. No leaks at all and all fluids are at the correct level.

I'm not an expert by any means, please feel free to ask any questions in regards to any info I may have left out. I will attach a picture of the error messages from the scanner tool shortly.

Many thanks!


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Sounds like the corrugations shook something loose. Have you undone and reconnected every electrical connector on the engine, refitted every fuse and disconnect the battery for an hour ? That's where I would start. Also, sometimes you need to clear the codes after fitting a new part.


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Slowly working through disconnecting and reconnecting everything now. Have disconnected battery, but only for 5 minutes. I'll give it a go for an hour now. Thanks! Already have attempted clearing code but she just comes back upon trying to start her again.

Appreciate the help and the reply will come back when I've disconnected and reconnected everything!