2.8 hilux top mount intercooler

I don't post on here much but I would like to let u hilux owners know that have a 2.8 turbo and want to intercool it . I have just fitted a top mount .. after all these years of looking I was never satisfied by what was available .... size, plumbing and access to oil cap n dipstick . I got a hold of a cooler from just Jap in kirrawee it's called the cooling pro mini it's core is 200 X 140mm but is 3 inch thick whole length is 340 mm and at a great price $129.00 . It fits perfect have . I have access to oil cap and dipstick . My turbo kit is turbo glide so all I had to do was cut there piping to fit and get the right joiners . .and yes it works I noticed the engine revs better seems like it's breathing really well it holds a good rev on the highway at 100km and doesn't seem to get heat soaked as bad anymore . I used a wrx style bonnet scoop which I had installed 3 years ago . I will try post pics . But at least have a look at there Web site to see the cooler . Whole job cost me 180 that Includes the 2 connectors (silicone hoses) . A bit of measuring twice cut once was involved . Hope this helps anyone
Took the hilux for its first big run up to blacksmiths beach . To test out the cooler . I have to say a huge difference in performance . . And much better fuel economy . It just pulled up moony moony on the f3 in 4th like a trooper I didn't have to use much throttle either . But next week I'll be towing my cub camper up to tea gardens . .see how it goes then

SFA hilux

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Sorry to resurrect this but I’m hoping your still around. I’m looking at the same cooler but am worried it’s too small to be effective. I only run 10 psi in my 2.8 and don’t plan to turn it up, just want to keep everything running as cool as possible.
would love to hear your experience with this cooler, thanks!