1st ever NSW Annual Gathering - Turon River Diggings

NSW Gathering

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Guys we are looking for 1 or maybe 2 extra people to lead a trip on Saturday. Destination would be totally your choice but something like Mt Airlie, Baal Bone or someone who really knows their way around Newnes would be great. Even a trundle down dirt roads to Sofala and Hill End would be an option. Hill End do mine tours at 1pm on Saturdays.
I know there are a few out there that know the area well like @myall and @1 red gu

If you think you can help out PM either @Gavo or @Toddyh.

NSW Gathering

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Just received some not great news. Looks like the Capertee pub has closed down for renovations. Terrible timing.
For those who still want a pub meal or are the thirsty type the Royal at Cullen Bullen is still open. It's another 15 minutes back towards Lithgow.
Wallerawang is still an option for those who want to do a night run through the bush to a pub for a meal/drink.


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Hey guys just a reminder there will be a raffle to win some prizes. Bring some cash if you want to buy tickets. Small notes and coins preferred.


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Mines's mostly packed, I'll finish it in the morning. Everyone heading in at different times by the look of it?


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got a blocked sewer to sort out first thing in the morning and then i will be there -- you should smell roses as i drive in to camp


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all packed and sorted! (Finally) Have a sleep in and mosey on down! Be rolling in about 4 at this stage can't wait


Packed and ready to go, can't wait to finally meet everyone, I'll be joining you guys at about 4:30 - 5pm tomorrow afternoon. See you guys then!