1st ever NSW Annual Gathering - Turon River Diggings

Les PK Ranger

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Booked Cowra Motel for the Wed night stay.

Also booked motel for the drive home, figure it'll be nice to break it to 2 days and give the missus another nice stay somewhere.
Decided on Toolybuc NSW, on the Murray . . . have driven through here numerous times over the years, and always thought this'd be a nice spot to overnight one day.
Perfect opportunity.

Staying there Mon night, after the last night Sunday . . . anyone else staying the Sunday night (Turon River camp) ?
Suspect most being NSW locals many will be leaving Sunday to get home that day.
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Going to be a cold night Thursday pack the woollies

Les PK Ranger

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If that little sun / partial cloud symbol stays there, I can easily put up with the cold.
The fire will be very popular.

I have a heap of timber crates here, might as well cut a few of them up and whack on the roof rack.
Will be a bit of wind resistance coming over, but going to take it easy on the hwy speed anyway.