1st ever NSW Annual Gathering - Turon River Diggings


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P.S. Is there anyone else from down Albury way going???

albury? you mean wagga's outer suburb?

I'm going , probably not till Saturday though although if you're going Friday night i'll drive in convoy:)[/QUOTE]
At this stage I'm hoping to leave work early on Friday to get to camp Friday evening, maybe even before dark if I can get away early enough. I'm actually at Jindera nowadays so even closer to Wagga, lol.


This meetup sounds great!

Haven't had the chance to go on any meets from this great forum yet. Wouldnt mind meeting new like minded people.
Its also in one of my favorite camping spots. I'll feel right at home.

Might have to see if I can juggle work around to get sat off work. Even if I have to work its only 3 hrs away so I could do the run out that arvo for a quick camp.
Definitely keen to be apart of the first nsw meet.



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i have registered although my name is not on the list yet ....maybe there is a reason ?...mmm .... my idea i case nobody has thought of it yet was ,,, drum roll ,,, group photo ,, is there anywhere big enough with a high vantagepoint nearby that a group photo would be possible if a specific time was allocated that a group photo could be taken and possibly a video to put upon youtube-- just a idea so the nsw group can show off their stuff.. maybe in a creek or somewhere unique


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Yeah and I'm starting to get a bit more involved with videos etc too, so I'm sure you'll all see me running around with the gopro and sticking it in your faces at the most annoying times, haha. The more footage I get, the better the video is likely to be.