1KZTE Prado 90 (Prado #2!)

Hi All,

Been on the site around a year following the purchase of an old 3.4i (5vz-fe) Prado I picked up for $2500 just at the start of COVID last year. Wasn't sure how long I was going to keep it, but it just kept going, and I kept driving it!

Did around 25,000KM in it in just over a year, probably half of that for work. It was very tatty and inside also wasn't very nice, coupled with the not great fuel economy. With this in mind, and with how impressed I'd been with my standard Prado (just had a set of all-terrains on it), I decided to look for a diesel variant.

Prices of 4x4's have rocketed with COVID, however after months of looking I finally stumbled upon one that I jumped on when I saw. It's a 1998 1KZ-TE (turbo diesel intercooled), imported from Japan (Aus only got the diesels from 2000 on).

Picked my 1KZTE up around a month ago, and done one big camping trip in it so far, and it's been great. I drive fairly sedately and see around 9-10L/100KM out of it, which is pretty good as far as I'm concerned. Desperately needs a set of tyres, and the suspension is tired so that's next on the list. Will go up a size from 265/70/16 to 265/75/16, alongside a 2" lift.

Car is well specced being a 'TZ' import and has cruise, dual-zone AC, electric tilt and slide sunroof, 4x EW, EM, electric folding mirrors, dual battery setup, factory altimeter, compass etcetc.

Things I'll do in the next month or two

- New Tyres (almost gone), and up a size to 265/75/16 from the currently fitted '70 profile.
- 2" lift
- Service, all oils, fluids etc
- Drop links (done)
- Remove (awful!) nudge bar.

Also spent a bit of time giving it a proper clean and it's come up very nicely! Washed, clayed and polished. Got a few trips planned soon so it'll get filthy anyway, but so much easier to keep clean once it's up to scratch!

Blue is my old petrol, green the new diesel.


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Love the green colour! The interior looks similar to mine, but I don't have the inclinometer, which is a pity. I loved it in the Bundera we had when I was a kid.
Well with the WildPeaks that are on the car now being about 0.00001mm away from being illegal, II've picked up a set of 4x JDM-af 3 spokes with really decent Bridgestone Dueller ATs in 265/70/16 to run for now. With change from $200 I'm thrilled, even though I dont really like them...

I'll run these whilst I decide the following:

1) - which lift kit I'll run
2) - when I'll install
3) - whether to go for 32 or 33" tyres, and which brand

Then when I do get the new (larger) tyres I can fit them straight back to the OEM wheels that I've now got in storage


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