1HZ vs. TD42


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Hey guys, I’ve been having a debate with a mate about which engine is better, the 1HZ and TD42. I’m a 1hz guy, always has and always will be, but he seems to think that not only are they more reliable, but more powerful, I seem to disagree.

My reasoning for the 1hz being a better motor is:
• Greater aftermarket support
• Greater power
• On par if not getter reliability

Those 3 reasons are the determining factor when deciding which motor is better, and I feel that the 1HZ rains supreme in those factors over the TD42.

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions, and no you can’t offend me.


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You can increase the power on anything but the td42 can end up with cooling issues when you start adding extras like bullbar spotties front mount intercooler. You have to keep the cooling system in good order. Other than that they are a good motor which should do as many k's as the cruiser.


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They don’t call the patrol 4.2 a kettle for nothing, if you want a tough truck for extreme 4wding get the patrol, otherwise get a cruiser, drives better and better engine IMO

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The 1HZ's are a great engine and so is the Nissan 4.2 but they're both a bit agricultural. I've had 6 cruisers over the years including an 80 series and 105 both had 1HZ's 1 with aftermarket turbo which went well but still a bit of a slug on hills. In my opinion the 1HDFTE is the best choice for all round performance and reliability.