1994 RaV


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Hey everyone I have got my self a 1994 Rav4 3dr 2L petrol Manual with 2 inch lift and with 17 inch road tyres atm and have had it for just under 1 month now due too Written off My Triton, and Pathfinder so was low on cash and pick this thing up and I have taken it too Grandchester 1 time and Bribie 2 times so far and I'm surprised on how well it goes but in saying that I'm looking for some all terrains but don't know what size will fit without having too cut guards etc I'm currently running 225 65 17 I've rang places and they said its hard too get all terrains for that size or recommend going 245 65 17 since have the 2 inch lift but said might have trouble turning and will possibly cut on guards soo need help was thinking of dropping a Rim size aswell what are all your thoughts plus that's a pic off my car on Bribie


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