1994 Diesel hilux 4x4 struggling up freeway.


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Hey guys just bought a 1994 HILUX 4x4 Diesel single cab with a timber tray which has only done 177000kms. Frothing.
I'd drive well everywhere except driving it up a small incline but 80kms free way its stuggles. I put it in 3rd gear and reaches 40-50kms but it has these weird power drops like the engine is turning off. Full tank and everything.
Does anyone know about this issue?
I just sold my 2009 Xtrail diesel turbo so I'm new to the old 4x4 bandwagon


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Yes, easy as, unplug the wire under it at the plug take two hoses off undo the 10? or 12mm nuts withdraw the whole shebang as is, yeah yeah you can do it by just unscrewing it, but .... then with it all out on the ground it is easier to undo the bottom water trap warning light big nut without swearing at it much or if need be drive a screwdriver through it or mash its brains in a vice [oh the violence, help help] or simply search youtube someone should have uploaded the best way to do it by now.:cool:


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Definitely fuel filter, washed mine out with methylated spirit, goes like a rocket now, engine light on dash used to come on then sluggish. Not any more since clean out


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Change the fuel filter as a first step, its cheap and if nothing changes after that then reassess.