1988 Toyota landcruiser XV


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G’day I’m from the Mornington peninsula in Victoria, stoked to be on 4x4 earth.
I’m need of some advice from guru’s out there.
I’m currently looking at 1988 landcruiser VX that is a duel fuel and has done 470,000 km’s.
which is expected for such an old beast but I was wanting to get some tips for buying one of these tanks.
What should I be looking for issue wise and where should I be looking over the body and engine.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers guys.


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Rust - gutters, front and bottom of doors, firewall (the panel under the windscreen wipers), windscreen surround, chassis - especially rear ‘c’ sections

Running gear - swivel hubs, 5th gear noise (or is it an auto?), brakes, etc - but apart from the gearbox all these are fairly cheap to re-build...

Air conditioner -does it work? radiator and coolant condition etc

Can’t reallyhelp with the engine as I have the 12ht...

Check all gauges / lights etc as little gremlins here can cause headaches trying to find the cause!!