12v expresso coffee makers.


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Plus 1 for Aeropress and a Porlex grinder. Not really into harsh espresso's much. Prefer to actually taste the coffee. Aeropress or a pour over method do it for me, though pour-over can be a little slow and easily gets cold when camping.


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If you need 1000W for a fast brew it doesn't matter if it's 12V or 120V, you'll still be drawing 1000W.

So, 12V input, 1000W output means 1000W/12 = 83Amps

Use an inverter to get 1000W output and it will draw 1000W (actually more due to conversion losses) from your 12V, so still 1000W/12 = 83Amps

Are you in that big a rush that you can't stop to fire up a stove? What, takes maybe 2 minutes to boil a cup of water? You can find cheap machines following this espresso review.



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As someone who really only likes proper barista expresso, I've found the bellman cx25p works a treat.
It's pretty much a mocha pot, but has pressure gauge for coffee. Also has a decent steam wand which is what makes it so good. Bellman-Espresso-Maker-Steamer-CX25P.jpg


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Holy thread revival Batman!!! :eek::D;):cool:

Id recomend the Airopress whether you off grid or plugged into the mains. simple, quick, efective, what more could a body ask for? ( apart from more coffee...) kettles on BTW ;)