12v expresso coffee makers.


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@Bomber2012 no 12v appliance for me. I use a nanopresso, a hand powered pump. Some guys above linked the minipresso - the nano is the later, upgraded model. I have one mate with the handpresso, also linked above. It seems to do the same job as the nano and both produce good crema. Another mate has the aeropress, and whilst it gets rave reviews, it is after all just a plunger - no crema from that. So a nano, a milk frothing jug and a $20 aerolatte whizzer gives me my fix. Mind you, I found the single 8gram shot wasn't enough for me, I've upgraded the nano to a double shot kit. This wasn't available when I purchased the nano. So a double shot nano, a milk frothing jug and a $20 aerolatte whizzer does the job for me.

You may find a moka pot espresso maker is all you need. That did the job for me until I upgraded to the nano. If you were over here I could loan you one. I think I have 5 of them, now redundant.

On another note, I just tried lewak coffee after an overseas trip - you know the one - one where the bean comes out of a rats arse. It was different for sure. Mind you, at $130 per kilo, I don't think I will be purchasing much of that stuff.


A lot of people just use these



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Yeah aeropress are suppose to be pretty good, but i havent tried it, used to use a plunger but wasnt to best but since have changed to a perculator and grind some fresh coffee at home before going away and find it great, i have a couple of different size ones depending on how many people we go away with as usually when the smell the coffee or taste it they want some as well.....

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When ever I work in someone's house. And they offer a coffee.

They need to meet 3 criteria

Not blend 43
Is the house clean
Are they an old couple
Well it looks like no coffee for you