12 volt oven


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A big thank you to @Pubski for sending another 2 trays to the better side of the country. They are the bomb!

Still waiting for my oven to arrive, it's in transit, due sometime next week.

Guess I'll have to retire the DS oven now.

chicko rolls (and much to Steve MC181's disgust), oven fries coming up :)


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The Tb marine arrived and along with Pubski's trays it got christened for lunch. A chicko roll, a corn jack, some crinkle cut chips and battered squid made a for a marvellous lunch. Shit, it draws some juice though, a near constant 10A draw. 2 hours of run time consumed 18Ah.
Yeah for many years we've been using a tin oven tray from Colesworth it fits perfectly in the Buddy.
Most trips we go on I'll whack a piece of pork neck in an oven bag add some stock/BBQ sauce/maybe a rub, put her on 100d and cook while on route to camp 6hrs or so is good. First nights dinner sorted..Pulled Pork...mmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Highly recommend oven bags for slow cooking meat.


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Rather than start a new thread, thought I'd mention there's another option
to the loyal travel buddy now on the market.
They don't mention too many details, but it appears to be a copy of the TB
marine oven.

I have no connection in any way to this product, just sharing.
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Not much cheaper than a TB marine to be honest......but it has an insulated door :cool:, the TB doesn't.


EDIT: with current ebay code "phoenix" the price difference is $9. Both listings free postage.


The road chief also draws lower amps and has a lower high temperature.
I thought it gets SO HOT out there you just put your frozen pizza/pie on your bonnet for 20 minutes...
Chinese copy?

Think id rather support the local aussie business...
For that price difference, so would I (well, I have- love my Travel Buddy). If the price drops or more come into the market, they will definitely make inroads into TB's sales however. Is it Chinese made? Best thing Travel Buddy could do now is get there advertising up. Many folks won't know of their existence, so if they see the Chinese version first...

If it is Chinese made, we can help TB by promoting them to fellow travellers. Should you wish, of course.