12 volt oven


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any thoughts on 12 volt ovens -- yes no maybe -- what not to buy
Stumpy (son) needs one for the truck -- amazing the stuff that need -- want lol -- these days!!
this seems a middle of line and available locally -- https://www.jaycar.com.au/12-volt-large-portable-stove/p/YS2811
Great at heating leftovers, but not so great at cooking a raw meal or roast etc, but apparently people do with success. I love mine and use it every time I camp to heat pizza slices, frozen pies, leftovers etc.

Place your leftovers in a plastic takeaway container, pop a little water in the bottom of the oven (5mm deep) and place the container in the water. Yes, you can use the “Chinese” style plastic containers in the oven, they won’t melt. Foil trays work just as well too. Some may argue that you are better off spending bigger dollars on a Travel Buddy oven... they are a far superior unit, but draw a lot more power and cost six times the price.

From memory, last time I put a wattmeter on it, it peaked at a 5.5-6.0 amp draw.

Happy to answer further questions.



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Have had one of those for years. Use it to cook everything from a small roast beef, pies, curry. Pies I usually cook for 2 hours turning after 1 hour. Curry is an all day thing in sealed a foil tray. Roast beef I double or triple wrap in alfoil and cook for at least 6 hours. Meat falls apart.
Nowhere near as quick as a travel buddy and doesn't crisp up pastry as well, but much smaller and much cheaper.


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I've got both the Jaycar style oven and the Travel Buddy oven, the travel buddy wins hands down. On long trips we freeze up plenty of pre-cooked meals, stews etc. A couple of hours before pulling up for camp for the night, we throw whatever we have in the oven and dinners done when camp is setup! Also great for morning smoko chiko rolls/pies etc. They are also great for throwing those little half cooked dinner rolls into! Damn it, I'm hungry now ;)
I have the smallest version of the travel buddy, but next time around I'd go the marine oven, it's slightly larger and gets about 20 degree's hotter (190°)


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I wouldnt be calling them a oven. More of a slowly oh so every slowly warm up my food box.
I use mine all the time in the truck for re heating pre cook meals i have made at home, or the frozen weight watcher meals you buy at the super markets..
Again it more of something to re heat not cook.


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cheers all; sort of feel the travel buddy might be too big but it looks and sound great
Stumpy said another driver has a slow cooker in his truck -- he said doing that is also on the cards as the boss is fitting an inverter in his unit . A fair bit of work is needed to make a slow cooker splash proof lol ; but it's would be a great to get a decent cost effective feed on the road; especially when hauling livestock in the red flat central SA.
$50 oven will do him for now to see how it goes. When he comes through here I do meals on wheels to bigger wheels :rolleyes: :D
he's getting some amazing images and videos with his drone


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Stumpy past through yesterday and we picked up one in the original link I posted --- they were actually is having a 20% off 1st birthday month . Bit smaller than I expected
Travel buddy certainly the better option if there is somewhere to secure it
bloody hell he covers some interesting country >Sa>east of melbourne (??)>Yunta > property 3-4 hours north > Burra >????. Yunta is west of broken hill on the sa/nsw border. He was in Echuca , Coonabarraban , and port Augusta early last week . As I used to say: stock trucks take me to places tourist have never heard about , and places that tourist don't want to hear about . He keeps asking if I want to go with him but sitting a Kenworth passengers seat all day does not appeal at all. Volvo/Scania/merc ; maybe --- they are more like a bus lol
Cheers fellas


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Travel buddy is the way to go. Put mine in recently but not got to use it yet! but seen them in use for a while now and they work very well but as you said you need somewhere to mount them securely and they are not small


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Depends on how often your going to use it and what you want to use it for . If your only using it to heat up pre cooked food , pies etc I’d go the cheaply . I have one of the cheap ones and it’s fine for what I use it for .


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Bought one from kmart about 12 years ago when they were selling out of them for I think $15.00. 1/2 dozen party pies in as I'm launching my boat and by the time I'm set up and boiled the kettle I've got a hot coffee and hot pies. Perfect for an early winter morning on Eildon.



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The buddy is the best, as most people have said. That said, I have one of those ovens the OP asked about and I don't find them too bad at all. They will reach about 80 deg's, and after initial warm up, will pull 5A of current. Makes pies and chicko rolls in winter a winner!


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Hope you lot know all these pies and stuff you are heating in the oven is about as bad as bad food can be ;) . But I do have the occasional one myself :eek:


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Hope you lot know all these pies and stuff you are heating in the oven is about as bad as bad food can be ;) . But I do have the occasional one myself :eek:

I do. But screw it, you only live once. I could get hit by a bus tomorrow and not experience a pie or chicko roll, so for me, everything in moderation until the bus comes.


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I don't mind you asking here hotdog ; however you might get better response if you started a new thread for your question --- if you do it will pay to remove your post from here as it may get confusing

And sharkcaver ; if don't eat so much **** you might live a little longer before being hit by that bus :D


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love my travel buddy,
have cooked small baked dinners using 3"thick rib eye steak as choice of meat :) also great for frozen lasagna, pie sausage rolls, dinner rolls & pretty much anything else,
I put this lasagna in at sofala & it was ready to eat when i got to the bridle track :)
travel buddy cooking.png

travel buddy mounted 142.jpg