11th Annual Victorian Gathering


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Talbotville 2018 - 11th Annual Victorian Gathering


Thursday 15th November 2018 to Monday 19th November 2018
Some may arrive earlier and some may stay on longer.


Talbotville is a large camping area situated on the Crooked River approximately 33 kilometres from Dargo in Victoria’s High Country. The campsite has a large main area, which is capable of catering for everyone attending. There are also numerous smaller camping areas stretching south along the Crooked River on the Crooked River Track.

4 wheel driving tracks are numerous, and start pretty much as soon as you leave the campground in any direction. These include South Basalt Knob, Crooked River Track, Brewery Track, Randalls Track and several others. Blue Rag and Billy Goats are also relatively close and can be done easily as part of a day trip.

Camping Available

Talbotville is the site of an old township. It is a large and flat camping area with the Crooked River running along the full length.

When driving in the campsite area please try to stick to the marked tracks and travel slowly. There are lots of kids running around and it keeps dust down.

Some Campsite Pictures





- Accessible to camper trailers, off road caravans and 4 wheel drive vehicles.
- Not recommended for 2 wheel drive vehicles (They can get in, but if conditions change, they may not get out)
- There are pit (drop) toilets in the main camping area.
- No dogs
- Water is available for cleaning, showering, portable toilets etc from the Crooked River.
- The location has a number of fire pits, other fireplaces and several sets of tables and benches.
- There is no power at the campground.
- Closest Diesel, Unleaded and Premium Unleaded is at the Dargo General Store
- Closest LP gas is either Stratford, Bairnsdale or Sale

What you need to Bring

- If you are going out on the drives, your own recovery equipment. (Must be rated)
- All camping equipment.
- All food and water for cooking and drinking.
- UHF radio for communication while driving.
- Anything else to be self sufficient for the duration of your stay.

All rubbish must be taken out with you. There are no rubbish bins.
Please do not dispose of metal containers, glass bottles or plastic in campfires.
Remember, if you can carry it in, you can carry it out.
We would also encourage picking up any rubbish you come across.
There is a rubbish transfer station in Dargo for proper disposal of rubbish.


Upon arrival, please make yourself known to one of the committee members. They will be in the campsites under the large 4x4Earth Banner. Alternatively, contact one of the committee on UHF Channel 25.

Charities, Fundraiser, Raffles etc

A raffle will be held over the weekend with some major prizes. Details will be updated closer to the event.

Talbotville 2018 Events

- Several 4WD runs ranging from beginner and easy through intermediate to hard.
- Billy Goats and Blue Rag will be done.
- A camp oven cook off will be taking place in the period leading up to the Saturday night presentations.
- The 'Duck Race' will be back on Saturday evening at 5:00 PM bigger and better than ever.
There will be 100 ducks up for sale with all money going to a local charity.
- Kids activities.
- Trophy presentations on the Saturday evening


- The Crooked River runs the length of the camp and care needs to be taken with children.
- There are old mining shafts in the area. Please be careful when walking through the bush.
- DELWP has warned that camping under trees can be dangerous due to falling branches.
- In the event of an emergency requiring evacuation, please familiarise yourself with the (to be updated)

Local Area Attractions and Places of Interest

- Dargo General Store has petrol, ice, groceries and most general goods.
- The Dargo Hotel has alcohol, ice and all other pub related things like meals etc. Click the Dargo Hotel Link. Dargo Hotel
- Grant Township and Cemetery off Mitchells Track
- Talbotville Cemetery
- For any GeoCachers, there are over 20 active caches in the immediate area.
- There is fishing in the rivers around the place, remember your rod (and fishing licence).
- The Hotham Hotel is a good place to eat and a nice drive from the Talbotville camping area.
- There are several old mines and associated relics in the general area which are worth a visit.
- There are a lot of fantastic tracks in the area including, Blue Rag, Billy Goats, Randalls Spur and the drive to The Pinnacles.
- The Pinnacles is an area with fantastic 360 degree views across the entire area. Well worth a drive.
- Click on the Link Gippsland / Dargo to learn more about the area.


- Please complete the registration form below
- Medical information should also be given. This is voluntary, but it is in your best interest if you have a medical condition.
- Firewood can be collected. Please have a look at the DELWP firewood collection rules - (to be updated)
- Please do not dispose of any rubbish in the drop toilets. This makes them unuseable and they will be closed.
- McMillan's Track into Talbotville is not very wide and can present some issues with oncoming vehicles, dust etc. UHF 25 can be used to communicate travel or other issues on this track. Signs will be placed along the track to remind people of this.

Because all the drives will be in groups we request that everyone taking part read through the convoy procedure link taking special note of point 9 (we don't want to lose anyone in the group) CLICK HERE

Recently, DELWP has changed rules around campfires, their size etc. These new rules and the fines can be seen here (to be updated)

Hints, Tips and Advice

Please have a look at this list. It covers some general stuff, some changes to road rules and some warnings or cautions about the Talbotville campground and surrounding areas.

(to be updated)


To Register online, please click here - REGISTER

The Registration form must be completed to ensure we have a record of emergency contacts, attendees and children. For safety measures

Those Going


Geocaching Challenge

As with previous years, there is a geocaching challenge happening again with the winner receiving a perpetual trophy to hold for a year.


There are trophies for The Duck Race, The Geocaching Challenge, and The Camp Oven Cook-off.
Details for these challenges will be posted closer to the day.


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5th Annual Victorian Gathering member
No. 11 Wow! If your not at this one something is very wrong! Its going to be magic after 10 years they are getting bigger and bigger. Looking forward to catching up with everyone ;-)


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Well, I'm back. Look out all you bloody hooligans.
To save me a whole lot of reading, what's new with the up and coming gathering. What do I need to know cuz I'm coming down!
All you need to know is, bring warm clothes because it will be cold, bring shorts because it might be hot, bring scotch because it might be cold, bring beer because it might be hot.:D
Above all else keep you car locked and the keys well away from some South Australians when at camp, not naming anyone but that Cooky fellow is a character ;)
Any details or a registration thread coming soon?


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All you need to know is, bring warm clothes because it will be cold, bring shorts because it might be hot, bring scotch because it might be cold, bring beer because it might be hot.:D
Above all else keep you car locked and the keys well away from some South Australians when at camp, not naming anyone but that Cooky fellow is a character ;)
Any details or a registration thread coming soon?
@Big Rig sort of knows his way around down there & you should be warning the SA Mob!:D


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Well, Trish and I planned to be there last year, but our plans were stymied by her losing 8 litres of blood during an operation and spending 4 days on life support :eek:

But this year, everything seems to be going according to plan, so we plan on being there with the new truck! ;)