105 with rust


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Hello all - looking to snatch myself a 105 I found in great mechanical condition however there is some dust on the top of the boot door… does anyone know if this is fixable and if so how long does such a job take usually (at a panel shop of course)
And in general would you recommend purchasing a vehicle with this rust it’s a 99’ model.


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A few variables to answer that question
Is the car cheap compared to the rest of the market?
If there is that much rust there how much is there n the rest of the car?
How long do you plan keeping it?
How well do you want it fixed? Cut out and new steel sections made
And welded in or just a wire wheel, treat , fill and paint?

I would be looking over the rest of the car very carefully!!
Pay special attention to where the body bolts onto the chassis, chassis rails, floor pans, door pillars and cill panels, any bolt on panels can be easily replaced if needed


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Discomatt thanks for the reply!
I plan on keeping it for up to a year and then for a lap around Aus. I believe I can get the car for pretty cheap because of the rust and upon checking other area their was no other rust found on the body.
In my situation what fix would you recommend? (if at all)


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Rust is like cancer, there is always a good chance it will come back
IF the rest of the car is rust free, which I would doubt because if there is that much in one spot good chance it will be elsewhere, and you don’t plan on keeping it long term just clean it up, wire brush it to get rid of the loose stuff brush some rust treatment on it, fill the holes with fibreglass and paint it, that will slow it down for a bit and keep the water out for the next year or so


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If there is rust in 1 spot then generally it is in 2, 3, 4 & 5.

What you see is just visible!

In saying that it could be localised due to some manufacturing issue but not likely.

Do a very close inspection!!


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105 Landcruiser panels we gal dipped from memory, and aren't known for rusting like 80 series. I would steer clear of this one. It is what you can't see that is a risk.