105 series heavy duty clutch?


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Hi, I recently purchased a diesel landcruiser (1hz) and after driving her around for the last couple of weeks the clutch has just started slipping, not much at all yet but I know it's something I've got to replace sooner or later as I start hitting a few tracks and eventually touring.

My question is is it worth the extra money replacing with a heavy duty clutch? I don't plan on towing any time soon but, who knows what the future holds.

Also if the heavy duty is recommended what brands have other people fitted and are you happy with the upgrade? Thanks in advance

Cheers Leo


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G'day Leo,

I haven't changed mine yet but will be getting some sort of heavy duty clutch when I change it (maybe a V8 in the future?).

I'd try LCOOL - put up with the attitude there because they're a great source of information!


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Hi Leo . I would go for the HD clutch as the 100 series 1hz uses a 11'' clutch plate with there smaller r151f box compare to the earlier 80 series that used the 12'' plates . I have used quite a few kits in my vehicle since 2002 and found i preferred the Safari Sports tuff the best .I also used the safari Tuff but Very heavy on left foot . A lot of 100s a know for clutch shudder go be sure to machine the flywheel