100 Series 2" Lift Kit recommendations?


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Hi All, I put my old 105 in its side recently during a 4x4 trip in QLD. RIP due to insurance.
I have a new (to me) rig now, a 100 series, and I'm beginning to modify it, so I'm looking into a lift kit, just a 2" (50mm) one at the moment.
My old rig had an EFS kit on it with various Superior Engineering parts thrown in.
Has anyone done any reviews on the different kits available to find out the 'best' in terms of strength, value and performance?

Thanks in advance.


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How much lift to you actually need/want? I have about 40mm lift in the front, stock TB's and EFS shocks, 10mm lift in the rear with OME shocks. Rides well, goes well offroad running 285, 70 17's.


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I have done mine with, Dobinson medium TB`s, bilstiens long through shocks, king springs 300kg progressive coils, hd airbags.
Blackhawk upper control arms, 2" diff drop kit.
Mine is a 04, ifs, v8 auto.
The ride is a little more harsh at low speed, high speed or hard hits it`s as smooth as.
Also keeps it within the law, boys in blue are not very nice if you over do it.

Hope that helps.


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Thanks for that, far more help than some other posts I have read.
Im reading up on a few things now. What else apart from the obvious suspension parts needs to be changed or considered. I heard that the rear brake lines may need to be extended, anything else like that I need to be aware of?