10 Huts In One Weekend


In the middle of the Pandemic of lockdown here in Victoria. Unable to leave our homes, unable to see family and friends, made this is a very dark place for us all I am sure.

I was looking back at my goals I had noted at the start of the year and set out to smash it out. Organise and lead 1 big trip.

During lockdown I realised not how much I wanted, but how much I needed to get out and explore our beautiful country has to offer.

I came across a video on Youtube from a bloke I am subscribed too. You may have heard of him Tim Bates (Only every 4wder out there has heard of him I am sure).
He made a video during lockdown explaining a glorious route with 10 huts in 1 weekend. I realised there was alot I hadn’t experienced in the Victoria High Country in Particular Craig’s Hut. So I noted them all down and jotted the tracks and waypoints manually via my Hema Explorer mapping software and I set out to plan my first trip.

The next morning with a plan of seeing 10 Huts in 1 Weekend. I jumped on my friends website 4wdtrip.com.au and submitted my first trip. They introduced a handy feature to set the start date as TBA. So I knew it was going to be easy to submit and make me accountable for when the time comes.

Within a day or 2 it was filled.

So since Dan Andrews made the call to let Victorians out again. I set the date and off we went.

We set out to meet up on the Friday Night at Buttercup Campground ⛺ No 4.

The plan was to wake up early, meet Kelvin from 4wdtrip and set off around 8.30am.

See more details of the trip on my site.

Also did a video of it as well.