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05 courier vs 05 rodeo


New Member
Hey guys I need your opinions and knowledge on which ute is better and for what reason. Both 05 models, both diesel and manual, both single cab. It will be used for medium offroading, a lot of beach, a trip to the cape next year.

Which are easier to get aftermarket parts for? Which is better equipped in standard form, which is stronger I.e. Diffs, gearboxes, which is better for towing etc. Cheers

I own a Dec 03 Courier (same as 05 bar a few minor details), so far mods arent hard to come by and it does well offroad. TJM seem to stock Courier bits (least my local shop does). If you pickup an XLT you get a factory LSD in the rear and full underbody armour but that might be accross the spec range.

Have heard stories of people killing gear 5 when towing.

My 2c!