wiring harness

  1. spurge06

    running multiple pairs of spotties off of a single wiring harness?

    I'm so sorry if this is a dumb question, or if it's been answered before (I've had a look and can't see if it has) I currently have 2 enduralight 175mm 63W* spotlights on my car, and want to add another 2 for a total of 4. Do I have to run a whole new wiring harness? or can I just split the...
  2. B

    LED Lightbar Troubleshooting

    Today I got an LED lightbar installed in my 2014 Grand Vitara. Originally the lightbar would only turn on with the headlights, which made me realise after some research that the vehicle is negatively switched. The harness I used allowed for rewiring to suit negatively switched vehicles. Now the...