1. T

    How would you deal with the water problem?

    Whenever we go camping, one thing I'm never satisfied with is water. I'm very sensitive to its taste and smell if it's not of OK quality, and I'm fed up of having tummy problems when we have a relaxing weekend camping just because the water had who knows what in it. But this is camping, it's not...
  2. Robbie_P

    Nissan Patrol leaking clear liquid?

    Hi All, I purchased a 2007 Nissan Patrol (3.0L diesel) about 2 months ago with 112,000 kms and it drives great! Yesterday we went camping and when I returned, I spray the underside of the car with a sprinkler for about 10mins. No heavy driving, maybe 10kms of gravel road at most. Today I...
  3. Borec

    Last Water Fill before Madigan line going West to East

    Hi, I was wondering where is the last spot I can I fill my water containers with good water to the full before I commit to Madigan line. I do not want to carry all of 120 liters, until the very last moment. I will be going via Oodnadatta, Mt Date, Old Andando. Thank you