1. 4x4_Mate

    Video: A4S Media End Of Year Meet - Gamekeepers Secret Inn

    I recently attended the a4s media meetup this year for the first time. As I love videoing 4wd's. Thought I would share my recent work. Nothing fancy really. Hope you enjoy. Also I have posted photos on my site. If anyone attended and wants photos of there rig. Please help yourself...
  2. Zamunda

    Our Discovery Of Australia Continues

    Hey everyone Some of you might know, my wife and I are relatively new to Aus. Been here four years and a bit. Since coming over we've always wanted to travel the outback and discover the real Australia, so that's what we have got into doing (when time permits). Lots of friends and family back...
  3. denmonkey

    Bylong 4x4 park weekend

    Hey all, the weekend away to Bylong finally arrived and we're all back home without any major damage to anyone vehicles. My mates triton now has a loose rear bumper but other than that, all is good. A few of us spent 4 days up there with 6 cars and a side by side making the trip and...