victorian high country

  1. Lewy_88

    Tom Groggin to Mt Gibbo to Mt Pinnibar over 3 days

    We did a loop out of Tom Groggin over three days that took in some incredible camps, fun drives and some spectacular views. The videos below show it best but here is a bit of a write up as well. We had five cars, two 79 series Landcruisers, a 100 series, a GU patrol and RG Colorado wagon. We...
  2. A

    Three nights in the Vic High Country - Trip Plan

    An unreal little trip in the glorious high country. Our route wasn't the most crazy 4wd oriented one but far out did we see some beautiful sights and camp in some wicked places! Day 1 Craig's Hut campsite - Day 2 Driving route -...
  3. 4x4_Mate

    10 Huts In One Weekend

    In the middle of the Pandemic of lockdown here in Victoria. Unable to leave our homes, unable to see family and friends, made this is a very dark place for us all I am sure. I was looking back at my goals I had noted at the start of the year and set out to smash it out. Organise and lead 1 big...
  4. 4x4_Mate

    Vic High Country Rollover

    A mate and I were riding through the Dargo a while back and as we were on our last track back to camp. We rode past a couple cars that were halted. We slowly approached to overtake. We then stumbled across this horrific rollover. Me being into my wheeling. I just had to pull over and take it...
  5. Lewy_88

    Vic High Country - More Cobberas, fallen trees and the search for mines

    This part of our trip, the rest of our cars tackle the Cobberas climb, one finds it harder than the other. We stop for lunch in a clearing along Cobberas. The plan changes at lunch and we head off in search of some ‘abandoned’ mines. Along the route we clear two fallen trees and make it to one...

    Victorian high county 5day trip

    Hi guys, Just planning a trip into the Victorian high county this Easter holiday and need some help planning. So I'm relying on your experience and knowledge to help me out here. We want to spend 5 days there seeing as much as we can and trying as much 4wd tracks as we can. We will be self...
  7. Lewy_88

    Part 2 of the Pinnibar Trip - Wheelers Hut to Poplars Campground

    More awesome scenery and a great campground. We damaged the Dmax rear bar in a creek crossing, then winched out of the same crossing the next day. Finished the trip with a flat tyre. Great weekend away! Vic High Country - Wheelers Hut to Poplars Campground
  8. Lewy_88

    Video - Tom Groggin - Mt Pinnibar - Wheelers Hut

    This is part one of our trip which starts at Tom Groggin Campgound, we head to the summit of Mt Pinnibar and then stop for lunch at Wheelers Hut.
  9. Shehan Wilfred

    Camping at Mayford (VHC)

    Hi All, First of all Merry Christmas to everyone. I am planning a trip to the Victorian high country in the next few days. My plan is to visit blue rag range viewpoint first and then camp at Mayford. My initial plan was to camp at the end of blue rag range track (by the river), however after...