1. Lewy_88

    Tom Groggin to Mt Gibbo to Mt Pinnibar over 3 days

    We did a loop out of Tom Groggin over three days that took in some incredible camps, fun drives and some spectacular views. The videos below show it best but here is a bit of a write up as well. We had five cars, two 79 series Landcruisers, a 100 series, a GU patrol and RG Colorado wagon. We...
  2. Shehan Wilfred

    Camping at Mayford (VHC)

    Hi All, First of all Merry Christmas to everyone. I am planning a trip to the Victorian high country in the next few days. My plan is to visit blue rag range viewpoint first and then camp at Mayford. My initial plan was to camp at the end of blue rag range track (by the river), however after...