1. Epic Drives WA

    What 4WD Tyre Do I Need?

    Fitting the correct tyres to your 4x4 is one of the most important touring decisions you’ll make. TYRE performance takes on a whole new meaning when it’s applied to off-road four-wheel drives. Grip on wet and dry roads is important, but it’s stuff like puncture resistance, off-road grip (in...
  2. B

    2010 bt-50 with 31's on stock suspension. Scrubbing on inside guard at full lock.

    Hi all, I have recently put some 265/70r16's on my relatively stock bt50. Original tyres were 245/70r16 so not a huge step up. At full lock with the 265's the front tyres will scrub slightly on the inside guard. The rims are 0 offset and I'm curious whether anyone else has had this problem? If...
  3. Butcher

    Best 33x12.50 r15 All terrain tyres?

    Hey guys, I’m definitely due for some new tyres, I’m wanting to get decent quality I don’t mind paying the price if they’re 100% worth it! Needing some help, been a fair few years since I’ve been all into the 4wding Jazz, so any advice would be appreciated! Most of the ones I have been looking...
  4. Mitch12345

    MQ Triton 33's?

    Hi Guys, Looking at upgrading my 31's to either 32's or 33's. I have a 2" lift kit installed and bullbar. Currently has 265/65-17 A/Ts. What rim size and tyre dimensions are people running comfortably with a 2" lift? Don't mind switching rims and will be going M/T's this time Thanks in advance...