1. O

    Tyre repair options

    Hi, Took my car in to get the front right wheel checked after I noticed a slow leak. They got back to me and said the tyre cannot be repaired due to a leak in the sidewall, and that I need to buy a brand new tyre. it’s a Toyo AT2 and has low km’s on it and was wondering what are my options? I...
  2. Jommy

    1989 Hilux sr5 with 265/75R16?

    Gday everyone, Currently doing a restoration on an old 1989 lux. Almost done and am sussing out tyres for her now. Just wanted to know how 265/75R16's would fit on her if anyone has experience or knows? Same as a LN106. Cheers
  3. Green13

    Scrub bars to cover tyre protrusion

    Hey all, Wondering if anyone knows the legality of using a scrub bar to cover the protrusion of a wider tire, or does it have to be a flare to be considered part of the vehicles body, and therefore legal? Cheers