tyre pressure

  1. SuperSafari

    Air Pressure for better fuel efficiency

    Hi All, I have a 2021 Y61 Patrol; the advised air pressure for each of my tires as printed on the driver's door are 29/32 psi for front/rear tires. This is my first off-roader/4x4 vehicle, so Im trying to understand how to get the best fuel efficiency from it. When looking at the front and...
  2. Epic Drives WA

    Mundaring to Albany (MundAl) 4WD Track For Western Australia! + more.

    Just over a year ago I made a video discussing (amongst other things) the MundAl track. Here is the free downloadable link: FREE DOWNLOAD "The Track": https://wa4wda.com.au/the I'm yet to have driven the track, mainly due to feedback from others that it's mostly along well graded fire brake...