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    Finally a build date on troopy

    Hi All, I have been given a build date on Troopy GXL sandy after 2 years. Dealer said it might arrive Jan/Feb 2024. Does Anyone have any experience how things move after the build date? I’m hesitant to ask the dealers these questions. I’m in Melbourne. TIA.
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    Long wait of 18 months on Landcruiser 78 Gxl Troopcarrier

    Hi All, I have been waiting for my Troopy 78 Sandy GXL from 16 months. I have been told to wait 18 months and as of now there has been zero updates on build number. I have called dealership every few months and they got no updates. I’m in Melbourne. Anyone else been waiting for that long on LC70?
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    How to glue vinyl and foam onto wood

    Hi, asking for a friend who's setting up the back of a Troopy as a sleeping/living area. They have wooden fittings, then they need to put foam rubber over the wooden fittings then vinyl on top of the foam rubber. What's the right type of glue for that? Do they need two different kinds, one...
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    Apple Carplay install in Troopcarrier 70 Series

    Hi, has anyone tried fitting an Apple Carplay system into a Landcruiser of any kind - 70 or 75 series? Looking to upgrade the radio system and want to include Bluetooth and handsfree options if possible.
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    Upgrading 70 Series Landcruiser Seats

    Hi, has anyone tried or knows if Ford Falcon XR6 seats will fit in a 1993 Toyota Landcruiser Troopcarrier?