1. B

    Headlight upgrade

    Hey guys I’m sorry if it’s been covered before but I’m new and I cannot find any info on it I have a 2012 triton with the custom faded lenses, I’m replacing the whole unit but I want something with decent low beams as the originals are rubbish Has anyone used the stedi leds with success? Or the...
  2. K

    Suitable for xtm 270 awning ?

    Hey guys I just bought a xtm 270 awning And I only have rear ladder racks on my Ute 2020 triton Has any one here got a 270 awning on something similar any photos of set ups would be greatly appreciated if possible Kind regards
  3. R

    Exhaust Help

    Hey guys I have a triton ml that currently is pretty loud with the 3inch exhaust all the way.. However I’m considering the idea of cutting it right along the drivers door and putting a bend on it. My question is will it be louder ?
  4. R

    Triton ml to Mn help

    Hey guys I’m wanting to know if it’s possible to change a Ml bumper bar to a mn I have a photo of mine and then a photo of what I want to achiev.. thanks
  5. R

    Want more boost from triton

    Hey guys I have a 2008 ml triton with the 3.2 l motor and was wondering how I could run more boost for cheap. At the moment I don’t realy wanna tune it but maybe in the future.. I currently have 3 inch straight pip all the way K&N filter Snorkel Egr block but with the harness not plate Idrive
  6. R

    Triton 3.2 turbo help

    So I want to have a little more boost and iv heard people running boost controllers and was wondering if it could be done on 4m41 3.2 and if it would make a difference. Also I would have to order one in so it possible to put a hose clamp on the hose from The turbo to the acuator ? In the mean...
  7. R

    Triton help

    Hi there I have a standard 2008 ml triton with the black bumper and was wondering if an mn front bumper would fit? Thanks
  8. Ryan97

    Choosing a bullbar

    Looking to get a bullbar for my 2018 triton glx plus, I've looked into both the ironman deluxe commercial and protector, any other recommendations or thoughts on what would suit?
  9. denmonkey

    Bylong 4x4 park weekend

    Hey all, the weekend away to Bylong finally arrived and we're all back home without any major damage to anyone vehicles. My mates triton now has a loose rear bumper but other than that, all is good. A few of us spent 4 days up there with 6 cars and a side by side making the trip and...
  10. P

    tassie born

    g'day fella's, how is everyone?