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    Fabricator / Welder in Ipswich area

    Hi, I'm in need of som recommendations on fabricators in the Ipswich / Brisbane are that could put rack on my trailer where I can mount a rooftop tent on. I have a 6x4 box trailer with cage and am looking for something like in this picture. Appreciate any recommendations you guys might have...
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    Stockman Pod Trailer - DIY Upgrade Installations

    Hi everyone! I just purchased a second hand Stockman Pod Trailer 'All-Roada' model as we have officially run out of room in our Forester with the 3 kids in the back. This particular trailer has the stockman roof bars, and also came with a Rola platform tray mounted on top. The unit, however...
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    trailer socket installation

    Hi, I recently installed a towbar on my d22 nissan navara 2010 2.5L, and am looking to install a trailer socket. How would I go about doing it? Is it simple enough to do DIY? I cant seem to find a harness for my ute. Any suggestions? I want to try save some money instead of paying someone else...