1. Toby1Kenobi

    Water Crossings

    What’s everyone’s favourite water crossing?
  2. Lewy_88

    Blowering Dam and Tumut

    We recently went to explore the tracks behind Tumut (before the travel ban obviously). Its worth checking the area out, even while there are many forest closures since the fires. The camping is amazing at Blowering Dam. 100% recommend it. There is a heap of space and absolute water front...
  3. N

    4wd day trips from Sydney?

    Hi guys With a young family (and mates with young families) in Sydney, we’re looking to do some 4wd tracks with bit of challenge (i mean just a dirt road doesn’t count), on a day-trip basis (i know a few good options already for weekend trips). So i mean max 2h drive from Sydney, and then the...
  4. 4x4admin

    Tracks Manager

    Hi everyone! We're planning to reintroduce the feature to allow the community to begin uploading and managing new tracks, campsites and clubs. What sort of things would you like to see in this toolset? Here's some examples we have in mind - Uploading GPS exports from your navigator. -...
  5. J

    Where to go 4wding south east vic in September

    Hey guys I'm looking at going out 4wding this weekend with a couple mates and wondering wheres best to go with all the seasonal closures. Looking for intermediate tracks. Possibly Bunyip, Warburton, Neerim... would love to hear your recommendations on wheres best and what tracks to do.