1. E

    1hz not starting or starting weak

    Hello everyone My 1hz does not start or starts weak when it is hot.But it starts rapidly when it is cold. Fuel system (timing), the battery or what?
  2. J

    In desperate need of a mod plate

    Hi all, New here, my name is Jaiden and i am 16 I just finished building up my dream Hilux n70 with my dad and I am looking to get it mod plated. Now i have looked all over the internet, facebook, google maps, even my boss at my work (Brisbane BMW) and no one can help me with finding someone...
  3. O

    Spotlight switch wiring gauge query

    Hi, Im changing out an ugly switch connected to my spotlights, replacing it with an OEM style push switch but I have one question regarding the wiring. The wiring coming from the new OEM style switch is much thinner than the wiring in the harness. Is this safe? I don’t want to burn down my car...
  4. T

    Ln106 Gearbox swap

    I’ve got a 1994 ln106 that’s has been engine swapped with a 3.0 litre 5L engine which has an aftermarket turbo I have have had problems with my gearbox and after a bit of looking around found out that the g52 gearbox’s aren’t the best gearbox’s when turbocharged and that a common swap is a r...
  5. C

    2003 Toyota Hilux 3.4L V6 VZN167R - Stainless Steel Snorkel?

    Hi all, I have recently bought a 2003 Toyota Hilux 3.4L V6 VZN167R and I have been looking into buying a stainless steel snorkel for my car but I cannot seem to find one for the petrol V6 version anywhere, only for the diesels on the left-hand side (I have attached an image of a stainless steel...
  6. A

    Oil leak from between intercooler and turbo pipe join?

    Hello all, I have toyota hilux 2013 diesel manual it has oil leak from the intercooler pipe that goes into the turbo. Does anyone know if this oil leak normal or not? And what causes this oil leak? And how to fix it? Please if anyone had same problem or have knowledge about it let me know...
  7. O

    Tyre repair options

    Hi, Took my car in to get the front right wheel checked after I noticed a slow leak. They got back to me and said the tyre cannot be repaired due to a leak in the sidewall, and that I need to buy a brand new tyre. it’s a Toyo AT2 and has low km’s on it and was wondering what are my options? I...
  8. M

    Upgrading speakers in 79 series ute

    Hey boys, I’ve got a 79 series single cab ute (HZJ79R), looking to upgrade the speakers because the stock standard ones are shocking. Wondering if any of you boys have done this and if you have any recommendations on what to get at a reasonable price and if it was a massive stuff around. I would...
  9. R

    Leak on 1fz-fe land cruiser 2002 engine head

    There's some sorta leak found at the engine head, its at a hose that connects to the engine head, from the intake, and the substance leaking seems to look like oil, i don't know what the exact issue is, and why there's oil leak on something related to the intake, doesn't make sense to me. This...
  10. Lewy_88

    Walkthrough - N80 setup for Touring

    We did a walkthrough video last week. Dave has slowly added mods to his N80 to the point where he is ALMOST (who is he kidding) finished with it. It suits his touring needs nicely. He was also nice enough to share roughly how much the mods have cost him.
  11. J

    Should I buy a 1993 Toyota Landcruiser FZJ80

    Hey, this is my first post on the forum. I'm a 19 and am looking at buying my first 4wd for weekend adventures. I have found a petrol 80 series with 179,000km for $13,000. I was just wondering people's thoughts on this whether it's worth it or should I buy a newer ute (like a demax or triton) or...
  12. L

    Kill switch

    Hi im no wiring guru so there fore wondering if anyone cluld steer me in the right direction. I own a 1985 fj73 i have put a soft top on it and looks good only issue know is its less secure therefore i want to put a kill switch in. If i cut the wire running to the start position on the ignition...
  13. M

    79 Series Landcruiser Air Conditioning

    I've got a 2005 1HD79R Toyota Landcruiser with the FTE motor. Its never had air conditioning fitted so I'm trying to sort it out. Seems no one can really help me find the right parts to fit. Toyota have said the kits have been discontinued and no aftermarket place I've spoken to can tell me for...
  14. L

    Finally got the 4x4

    G'day again after a long search process running through plenty of options, finally decided on and bought an FJ cruiser today! Can't wait to get out and about, 4x4 earth has gone a long way in helping me sort this out and told me where to look, couldn't have been any more useful! Might see some...
  15. Rackers03

    Converting a Carby 60 series to EFI?

    G'day guys, It's getting close to me getting my P plates (less than 2 months) and I'm hoping to have something before then. My budget is up to $7k for a car and then a few grand more for mods. I've seen a fair few 60 series' with the 2F carby in them and was wondering what were the thoughts on...
  16. G

    Do 35’s put out your odometer

    Hey guys, I have just purchased a brand new 79 series dual cab and trying to put this conversation to bed, so I thought I would ask the professionals on here. Once I take delivery in a few weeks i’m lifting the car and running 35s on her. I know my speedo will be out BUT my question is will my...
  17. L

    FJ cruiser - better than the standard prado?

    Hi all, sorry for so many posts, now that it's coming closer to vehicle decision time I can't stop looking in every direction! Some may remember previous posts discussing 120/150 prados, however I'm not as sold on the look of the 120 as I once was, and I'm struggling to find a 150 in my price...
  18. Rackers03

    auto box in a petrol 80 series?

    Just wondering what people's opinions are, I would like a cruiser as a first rig, preferably turbo diesel and manual, but with my budget (under $10k in South Australia), I can't seem to find any. Do see quite a few petty ones, but not many are manuals, mostly autos. Just wondering what peoples...
  19. L

    More help needed - accessories

    Hi all, Thanks to help from previous posts I've settled on the GJR120R (petrol 120 prado) with the 5sp auto, keen on (in the next few months) getting car hunting. Between now and then I'm keen on getting opinion on aftermarket kit that I'll be putting on, all listed below Bullbar Arb Deluxe -...
  20. L

    Seeking advice - used 120 prados

    Hi earth, after reconsidering for a few months now I'm looking at picking something up in the next 12 months (around 20-25k), all signs so far have pointed to 120 prados for me (resale, personal preference, aftermarket options) and I'm looking for someone to either tell me I'm looking in the...