toyota hilux

  1. Ports_Ruggedx

    Pillar pod

    Anyone know a good brand pillar pod that fits good? I tried 4x4 concepts and to be honest it was horrible. Sent me out the wrong colour and there were big gaps in fitment with the holes not lining up. Quality felt Chinese like a plastic shell from one of those rc cars. Definitely not near the...
  2. M

    31 Inch tyres scrubbing ONE side

    Hi all New to the forum. I've just put a set of 31x10.5 Geolander X-ATs on a 2003 Hilux and have the drivers side just touching the mud guard when at full steering lock. I took it back to the tyre shop to have the caster re-aligned. It still just touches (only marginally, nothing major). The...
  3. R

    3rzfe hilux with a miss help please

    I have a 2000 model 3rz manual hilux which has a miss on idle and below 2500rpm , It seems to clear up as the revs rise So far I've replaced leads plugs and coils as they are a cheap replace and I've just bought the vehicle , im getting a compression and leak down test done tomorrow for rings...
  4. B

    1993 Toyota hilux 2.8l td 5 speed manual

    Hi just wondering if any of you blokes know much about these 5speed 4x4 gearboxes? My 5th gear is making a clunking noise when under load but still drives fine. All other gears are fine
  5. Wakdaz

    Toyota 3RZFE

    Gday lads, I was wondering what mods you’ve done to your Toyota 3RZFE engines that you have found to work alright. I’m keen to get more power on a low budget. And how difficult is it to adjust the valve clearance and how long would it generally take. Cheers
  6. Rackers03

    Thoughts on a 1993 single cab Hilux

    G'day all, I've been looking around for cars for a while, and found a decent one. This one is a 1993 Hilux with the 2.8 non-turbo diesel (yes, I know they're slow and I won't turbo it) and 5-speed manual. It's got 318,000K's and i know these things are bulletproof so the K's don't matter too...
  7. Rackers03

    LN65 Dual Cab Hilux

    Hello everyone, Just wondering what were everyones thoughts on a LN65 Hilux? This one has the 2L in it with the 5-speed manual, only 294,000 k's on the clock and a few extra goodies: ARB winch bullbar, twin spotties on the bullbar, 25 inch lightbar on the roof, recovery points front and rear...
  8. K

    Putting a winch in a Toyota hilux

    so I bought a winch want to put in a alloy bullbar and winch cradle but it's to big to fit on the chassis, so I'm replacing the alloy brackets for the bar with 8mm steel and going to weld the cradle to the brackets what's your thoughts is it going to work