1. L

    2011 Hilux SR5 Mod/Upgrades

    Newly bought car, looking to turn it into a capable tourer, with the occasional tough track. Looking for mod ideas and new tray setup, maybe looking to go black
  2. Rackers03

    What a RG Colorado needs for touring/4 wheeling

    G'day everyone, Looking to start setting my dual cab 2014 Collie up to do some touring and a bit of 4 wheeling, and just wanted to see who else has one they've set up and what mods you recommend first specifically for the RG collies. Currently only has a ARB bar on it so nothing flash yet...
  3. Lewy_88

    Walkthrough - N80 setup for Touring

    We did a walkthrough video last week. Dave has slowly added mods to his N80 to the point where he is ALMOST (who is he kidding) finished with it. It suits his touring needs nicely. He was also nice enough to share roughly how much the mods have cost him.
  4. DBTouring

    Map Apps Whats a good one

    Hi every one I have been looking in to the 4wd Map apps Iphone & Ipad they seem to all have mixed reviews I am leaning to the Hema Topo off line, & use it on the IPhone & IPad Any thoughts out there David
  5. Ports_Ruggedx

    Custom aluminium tray and canopies

    Hi guys I’m looking at investing in a custom alloy tray and canopy, it’s a bloody steep price tag so I wanna get the right one. I’m looking at either mits alloy or nor weld. Thoughts on these companies or any other suggestions and why. Cheers.
  6. A

    Steel canopy on Ali tray

    Hi all i’ve Just purchased a steel canopy to put on my aluminium tray. I’ve bolted it down, should I but rubber between the canopy and tray to prevent rub and then rust?
  7. L

    Newbie Looking for advice (accessories + vehicle)

    G'day all First up, complete newbie with minimal 4x4 experience, hoping for that to change in the future! I'm keen to get myself a wagon within the next 9-12 months (gives me some time to put cash together) and would love to get opinions from those who've been around longer than I have. What...
  8. Odinson Overland

    New Member - QLD Australia - Nissan Patrol

    Hi Guys and Girls! My name is Dave. I'm based in QLD Australia, love 4x4, touring and camping. I have a little page on facebook etc for my adventures called Odinson Overland :) Hoping to share my content with more people in the future and get more feedback on it to improve it. See links below...
  9. Skoonzie

    BRUDER EXP-6 best tow ute?

    Hi all Yes this technically isn't a camper trailer, yet apparently it can go more places than most camper trailers. So I thought feedback here would be the best place. If I were to tow this beast for 2 years touring as off road, in as many rugged and sandy places as possible what dual cab ute...
  10. C

    2015 VDJ79 Landcruiser GXL

    Time to jump on the bandwagon and start a thread for my new toy! Got a few plans to get it set up as a tourer with my partner, but planning on taking things slow and figure out exactly what we want to do to it. I bought it as a surprisingly tidy ex parks vehicle, so it has a few mods...