1. K

    Canopy fit out ideas

    Looking for suggestions to fit out my canopy to head back up to the stations, I’ll be removing the masa drop down fridge slide and replacing with fridge/freezer draws 695mm (L) x 440mm (W) x 260mm (H), but looking for ideas around pull out pantry and drawers that will fit as it’s quite narrow...
  2. R

    Will MSA DS40 drop slide fit single titan drawer?

    gday all, MSA drop slides are on pre-order, hence I can’t duck down and measure up myself, but would a DS40 drop slide fit on top of a Titan single drawer? Online measurements give the external dimensions, I don’t mind if there’s a little overhang of the slide on top of the drawer, but just...
  3. CruisingSned

    4WD Supacentre Warranty

    Has anyone had problems recently with 4WD Supacentre Warranty claims. My titan draw turned up a little worse for wear. Looks like something heavy has been dropped on the draws. I've put a claim in today. Must have been a really heavy hit. It's fairly sturdy.