1. Rizza’s GU Tb45

    GU Tb45

    Hi legends, iv just brought myself a gu tb45 its got 390,000kms on it its currently duelfuel lpg/petrol i know she’s gonna be thirsty but looking at setting it up to tour my question is what should i do keep it as a duelfuel or convert it to just petrol and how much would i be looking at to...
  2. P

    GQ TB42E vs GU TB45

    hey mates, looking to buy my first 4wd to get into 0ffroading and what not, done some extensive research and narrowed my search down to a GQ TB42 EFI or a GU TB45, will be used as daily driver, camping trips and some offroading fun with some mates. Will potentially Turbo it Once of my P plates...