suspension upgrade

  1. Robbos4x4Adventures

    Ln106 how much flex is too much flex?

    Hi guys I recently Brought a ln106 duel cab cheap off a mate and i want to slightly mod the suspension to gain some more flex as is currently has 2 inch lifted springs and 10 inch shocks, i was thinking about putting in extended shackles in with caster correction wedges in the front,, taking...
  2. Chambo55

    GVM upgrade

    Hi All. One of the tings I want to do in the future to my cruiser is a GVM upgrade. I feel I am over weight with the drawers and a at least 350kg on the ball. My car is registered in NSW and I am currently hiding from COVID in Tasmania. ARB, TJM and others in Tassie have said they can do the GVM...
  3. H


    Hi all, I have been trying to find out about a GVM upgrade for our Ute, for towing a caravan. I seem to be finding a range of information about legalities etc. Many places seem to offer GVM suspension upgrades, but then there is Lovells. Are Lovells a manufacturer of a particular upgrade (i.e...
  4. j.goulds

    DMAX suspension lift kit

    Hey all hoping for some help finding the right suspension lift kit. wanting to finally lift my 2014 LSU Isuzu DMax with a 2” lift after fitting new tyres to it ( BFG all terrain 265/70/17) Hoping for some advice on possibly the best options for suspension upgrade out there and whether you’ve...
  5. Chipper8

    Colorado suspension

    I have a 2019 Colorado with standard suspension, a steel bar on the front and canopy on the back. My question is: is the standard suspension more than enough for this? I also have my dual battery setup and fridge in the canopy full time. I tow a tradesman trailer everyday and do moderate...
  6. A

    Do I really need a suspension lift

    Hi all I have an RG Colorado and am looking at upgrading my tyres. I’m doing this on a budget and know how expensive lift kits can be. I know that the tyres I want will fit. Just wondering if I actually need a lift kit or that I can keep the suspension stock and just get clearance with bigger tyres.
  7. S

    Lift kit Mazda BT50 2016

    Hey guys, after some advice on lift kits for my 2016 BT50. currently have a Fiberglas canopy on the back with a set of drawers in the tub and dual battery, and will sometimes have a 75L fridge in the back, have a camper trailer that we occasionally take away, and will eventually put a bull bar...
  8. A

    Hilux ln172 99 suspension

    Hey fellas, Seen a few discussions about suspension, looking to upgrade, new to 4wding have a hilux 99 ln172 tray back currently have stock suspension doing a lot highway kms and looking at a bit of camping, 4wding on weekends, am a tradie with constant load on Ute all times. Looking at ome...
  9. Frogga_Hilux

    Spicer Springs

    Hi all, I’m currently doing my research to replace the way-overdue and tired stock suspension on my VZN Hilux. After yo-yo’ing my thoughts of all the major brands with pros and cons, and good/bad reviews I’m considering going with Spicer Springs. They use Bluemax components and also manufacture...
  10. Benedict Smith

    Rear suspension setup for a heavily laden Troopy.

    G'day to all, I'm looking for specific information regarding a suspension upgrade for my Landcruiser Troopcarrier. It is a 2006 HZJ78, so coils in front and leaves in rear. She's currently running a set of Old man emu leaves and I believe they are rated at 300kg (7 leaf pack). I may be...