simpson desert

  1. S

    best map or app

    Just wondering if anybody can suggest the best map or app for the Madigan line through the Simpson
  2. Borec

    Not a trip report, as much as expedition video - Red Center

    So finally I patched up a great video from my Simpson desert Trip back in 2018, I think it came out pretty good. I would appreciate if you woudl subscribe to my channel, as hopefully more stuff will be coming soon (or maybe not) Expedition Red Center
  3. SPOD_Here

    Can anyone hear me, we’re in Trouble - The Australian Magazine 24-25 Nov

    There is an excellent article in this weekends australian magazine (newspaper supplement) that contains sage advice for anyone considering remote travel with a camper trailer. It’s worth a read Cheers, SPOD.
  4. Borec

    Crossing Simpson Desert from Colson Track to Geo-survey Hill

    Quick and dirty video edit showing how hard the suspension had to work during my trip to Simpson back in March. Eventually the front strut failed and so did the back shock. One day I will make a video of the whole trip.
  5. Borec

    Last Water Fill before Madigan line going West to East

    Hi, I was wondering where is the last spot I can I fill my water containers with good water to the full before I commit to Madigan line. I do not want to carry all of 120 liters, until the very last moment. I will be going via Oodnadatta, Mt Date, Old Andando. Thank you