1. joshinthecity

    Landcruiser 70 series front seats. 2022 model. As new. $400.

    $400. As new. Removed from my 2022 76 series. Aprox 4,000klm use. Inc headrests. Boxed up and ready to go. Pick up only at my office in Wetherill Park NSW.
  2. joshinthecity

    Recaros in a 70. Just do it.

    Recaro "Expert M". Ok; so this one was difficult to pull the pin on. A long-term investment done early. But bloody hell, OMG. Such a MASSIVE improvement in every way. 20cm lower, snug, supportive, multi-adjustable in every direction; pneumatic lumbar, easy to get in / out of. I could go on...
  3. Matt4x4

    2003 Hilux aftermarket Seats

    Hey everyone Wondering if I can get some advice from Hilux owners on aftermarket front seats. I have a 2003 Toyota Hilux and now that I’ve hit the ripe age of 30, I can’t bear the current front seats on the Hilux. I travel far for my trips and have a number of recurring body pains that I believe...
  4. Rackers03

    VE Commodore seats into RG Coloraod

    So I've had my ute for 6 months now, 2014 Holden Colorado LTZ Storm, and I've found the seats aren't the comfiest thing for long drives. So I was wondering if anyone has any experience with putting VE commodore leather seats in a RG collie? Or has anyone even done this before. Cheers, Hugh
  5. Rackers03

    Ln65 Hilux seat replacements

    G'day all, So I've got my 1985 single cab lux, and the bench seat is fairly rooted in it (that's what happens after 400,000k's) and I'm looking for replacements. It seems that the bench seat in the blue trim was fairly rare and I can't find anything. However have seen a lot of seats from 2nd...