roof rack

  1. Jesse26

    Looking for a specific ute tub rack

    G'day Today i noticed another triton with a fibre glass canopy who had a flat rack extending from the canopy roof and over hanging onto the cab roof which was mounted to the outside of the tub, similar to the ute tub racks you see around. I have seen them on tradies utes usually with out a...
  2. B

    Securing Roof Rack/ Platform to standard Wild Trak Roof Rails

    I have a Pk WildTrak. Did a big trip up North of WA last year and prior to going bought a canopy which came with a full roof length roof rack. I've customised it a bit simply cutting some bits off as it was originally made to carry a tinny. The rack is attached to the canopy however as it's full...
  3. D

    NW Pajero Roof Rack

    Hello All, First time post for me here. I am in the market for a Roof Rack for my NW Pajero. I have been looking at the OCAM full length Alloy rack but have recently been told to stay away. Also been looking at the Rhino Rack Platform racks and Pioneer racks, Everyone seems to be using these...