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    Rear bar wheel carrier removal

    G'day folks, I'm trying to remove my left wheel carrier from OL rear bar for last one hour and result was unfortunate. I've removed castle nut, washer and hydraulic hinge attachment thought carrier arm would easily comes off just lifting it by bear hands but didn't work then I tried hammering...
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    Px Ranger Arb Bull bar, brush bars, side steps and rear bar.

    Arb Deluxe Bull bar, side steps, brush bars and rear bar to suit a Ford px Ranger from 2011 on. The bull bar is in good condition with a few scratches The rear bar and side steps and brush bars have freshly been sand blasted and power coated. I purchased the lot recently as I was told they would...
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    4wd upgrade advice

    I am about to buy a bull bar and a rear protection bar for my mq triton. This was inspired by backing the car into a small tree and getting panel damage due to the weak factory rear bumper bar just bending. Having a hard time choosing a place to go with as I have ruled out Ironman Cardiff, I...