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    Weird QLD Ritual or Tradition

    Legends, As a day job, I work for XXXX. My current project for the brand is looking at regional towns in Queensland for the State of Origin campaign, this year. We'll be looking at weird spots like Banana, named after the famously yellow herding bullock, and others like it. So, I'm...
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    Solo Trips

    G'day lads, Long time lurker, first time poster. I figured it was time to make an account, introduce myself and ask a couple of questions. Born and raised in Townsville QLD, I have a 94 80 series with the mighty 1fz and boy, does it pull like a train. Funnily enough, I grew up in a very similar...
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    QLD light bar laws

    So I read through the laws about the installation of light bars to cars but am confused about some grey spots. I'm planning on installing 2x25(ish)inch light bars on my roof but if I were to wire them to be operated from one switch would they count as one light or as two lights. This is because...